Meet The Union Busters & See Their Financial Reports

See the Financial Forms on What Union Busters Really Make for their Union Busting Campaigns
  • In 2013, Aria Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas hired union-avoidance consultants Balance Incorporated for $195,000

  • In 2013, Domino’s Pizza paid an anti-union consultant at Action Resources $2,950 per day, for a total of $167,566

  • In 2015, American Apparel hired the union-avoidance firm Cruz & Associates and paid at total of $462,343

  • During 2015-2016, New York, New York Hotel & Casino paid union-avoidance consultants at Balance Incorporated $345,182

  • During 2015-2016, Pier 1 Imports hired union-avoidance consultants at the Labor Relations Institute for $130,331

  • In 2016, Williams Sonoma paid union-avoidance consultants at Cruz & Associates $150,543

  • In 2016, Kraft Heinz Foods Corporation hired union-avoidance consultants at The Burke Group for $153,123

Beware of (Union Busting) Consulting Firms and (Union Busting Tactics)

Employers must file annual reports to disclose certain specified financial dealings with their employees, unions, union agents, and labor relations consultants. Employer Report, Form

LM-10, must be filed by employers to disclose:

  • Payments or other financial arrangements (other than those permitted under section 302(c) of the Labor Management Relations Act, 1947, and payments and loans by banks and similar institutions) which they made to any union, its officers, or its employees;

  • Payments to any of their employees for the purpose of causing them to persuade other employees with respect to their bargaining and representation rights, unless the other employees are told about these payments before or at the same time they are made;

  • Payments for the purpose of interfering with employees in the exercise of their bargaining and representation rights, or obtaining information on employee or union activities in connection with labor disputes involving their company; and

  • Arrangements (and payments made under these arrangements) with a labor relations consultant or any other person for the purpose of persuading employees with respect to their bargaining and representation rights, or for obtaining information concerning employee activities in a labor dispute involving their company.

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